Brown County REA offers rebates to help with the installation of Energy Star qualifying appliances and high efficiency electric heating and cooling equipment.

Energy Star Appliances

energy star logoMembers who purchase a new Energy Star regular size (not valid on dorm size) refrigerator or freezer and recycle an old refrigerator or freezers can receive a $75 rebate, payable as a credit on your electric bill.  A proof of purchase receipt, proof of recycling the replaced unit and copy of the Energy Star label is required to receive the rebate. New this year - $75 rebate for the purchase of an Energy Star certified clothes dryer, and $25 on an Energy Star certified dehumidifier. Complete the Appliance Rebate form below and submit with the receipt, recycling proof and Energy Star label.  Not all appliances achieve Energy Star rating, so check the lower left corner of the yellow Energy Guide to be sure. Only Energy Star units with recycling of old unit will receive the rebate.  Find Energy Star appliances and information at   Members are eligible for one appliance rebate per year.

HVAC Rebates:

Rebates are available to members who purchase an Air Source Heat Pump with a SEER of 14.5 or higher through a Quality Installation contractor and place it on load control with adequate non-electric or storage backup.

  • 14.5 SEER - $530 
  • 15 SEER - $630 
  • 16 & higher SEER - $680
      Systems with adequate whole house back-up may also qualify for the Dual Fuel reduced rate on the kilowatt hours used to heat and cool with the heat pump. Contact the coop to learn details.  Find Quality Installation contractors in the area at  The heat pump rebate form is only available to your Quality Install contractor to complete and submit on your behalf.  Brown County REA no longer offers rebates for Central Air Conditioners, only heat pumps.

Members who install an Energy Star qualified Ductless Air Source Heat Pump system can receive a rebate - the amount varies depending on your home's primary heat source.  Complete the Energy Star Ductless rebate form below and submit with a copy of the sales receipt and AHRI certificate. 

*New in 2017 - WiFi Smart Thermostat for HVAC system - $25. Complete and return rebate form below along with receipt for thermostat purchase.

Members who install a Ground Source Heat Pump are eligible for a rebate of $1,000. Geothermal heat pumps can be controlled and metered separately for a reduced rate on the kilowatt hours used for heating and cooling with the heat pump provided the system has adequate whole-house storage or non-electric backup.  Complete the Ground Source rebate form below and submit with a copy of your receipt and AHRI certificate.  Contact Member Services for load control and meter equipment.

Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) on new HVAC equipment or as an upgrade in existing HVAC systems qualifies for a $50 rebate.  Please complete the ECM Motor rebate form below and submit with a copy of the invoice with model numbers and AHRI certificate for the ECM rebate.

Members please provide a copy of your paid invoice, proof of recycling with appliances, and AHRI certificate where applicable.  Quality Installers must complete and submit the 2017 HVAC Residential Rebate Form in order for members to receive rebate.

Rebates are also available on the purchase of Energy Star rated CFL and LED light bulbs. 

  • CFL  - up to 50% of the bulb cost with a $1.00 maximum rebate on Energy Star bulbs only
  • LED - up to 50% of the bulb cost with a $3.00 maximum rebate on Energy Star bulbs only
  • Member-owned Energy Star or DLC LED yard light - 50 - 100 watts, $30, limit one per member
    Please complete the Residential Lighting form attached below, proof of purchase and Energy Star or DLC label, and submit for payment as a credit on your electric bill. ($150 member max.)

Commercial, Industrial & Agricultural (CI&A) Rebates: 

Rebates are available for energy efficient lighting projects, both new and retrofit, which result in energy savings.  CI&A rebates are also available on electric forklifts, robotic milking systems, premium efficiency motors replacing existing equipment, heating, ventilation and cooling, compressed air, dairy plate coolers and other custom electrical applications.  Applications must be submitted by November 17, 2017.  Contact Member Services for more information.

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