Employees & Directors

Employees & Directors

Brown County Rural Electrical Association 2020 Board of Directors

Brown County REA Board of Directors,
Front Row (L to R): Jim Mickelson, Tom Hayes, Allen Hanson, Brad Sprenger, and Greg Mages

Back Row (L to R): Jim Hanson, David Wendinger, Bill Berg, and Joel Christensen 

Board of Directors
President James Mickelson 507-794-6298            j.mickelson@bcrea.coop
Vice President William Berg 507-766-1497           b.berg@bcrea.coop               
Sec./Treas. James Hanson 507-829-6756            j.hanson@bcrea.coop
Brad Sprenger 507-317-5576                                b.sprenger@bcrea.coop                       
Allen Hanson 507-276-0691                                  a.hanson@bcrea.coop
Joel Christensen 507-828-4550                             j.christensen@bcrea.coop                           
Greg Mages 507-794-3540                                   g.mages@bcrea.coop
David Wendinger               
Thomas Hayes 507-228-8954                               t.hayes@bcrea.coop

Cooperative By-laws


Brown County REA Staff

Mike Heidemann, Chief Operating Officer - mikeh@bcrea.coop

Darla Ruschen, Office Manager  -  d.ruschen@bcrea.coop

Brandon Havemeier, Operations & Engineering Manager - brandonh@bcrea.coop

Marcia Solie, Member Services Manager -  m.solie@bcrea.coop

Terry Helget, Accountant – t.helget@bcrea.coop

Dorine Wellmann, Customer Service

Cynthia Hansen, Customer Service

Robyn Walter, Operations Secretary

General billing inquiries – bcrea@bcrea.coop


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