Distributed Energy Resources

Distributed Energy Resources

Wellspring Wind & Solar

Get your green on with Wellspring
The Wellspring renewable energy program offers Brown County REA members an opportunity to support wind and solar developments though the Wellspring Wind and Wellspring Solar programs.

Wellspring programs are voluntary and are available to all members. While the electricity that is delivered through Brown County REA to your home or business currently includes at least 25 percent renewable energy in the mix, the Wellspring program allows members the option to support expanded renewable development.

Here’s how it works:

  • Members can purchase Wellspring energy in 100 kWh blocks.
  • Wellspring Energy is purchased in 100 kWh blocks. 8 to 10 blocks is equivalent to an average home’s monthly electricity use.
  • Cost for one 100 kWh wind block is $.40. One 100 kWh solar block is $2.00.  Participating members pay an additional amount on their electric bill each month.
  • You must remain on the program for at least 12 months.
  • To sign up, complete and submit the form below.

    Wellspring sign-up

Member-Owned Generation

Brown County REA members considering installing a Distributed Energy Resource (wind, solar,etc.) at your home or business and interconnecting to our system are encouraged to include the cooperative in your discussion from the start. 

Cooperative staff appreciate the opportunity to help members make informed decisions, review annual usage for system sizing, explain any service upgrades and associated costs. The "10 Steps to take before installing solar" and "Solar systems: What size is right for you" documents below may provide helpful information in the consideration process.

10 Steps
Solar Systems: What Size is Right for You?

Safety of cooperative personnel and members, while offering reliable and affordable electricity is our goal. All DER interconnections to the Brown County REA system must follow the C-MIP Interconnection Process and Minnesota's current and future Interconnection Technical Standards. It is helpful for members to be familiar with Brown County REA's Cooperative Rules, Cogeneration/Distributed Energy Resources Policy and the C-MIP Interconnection Process. It is recommended to first review the Process Overview to determine which process and forms are necessary to proceed based on the size of the proposed system.

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Documents:

BCREA Cogeneration/Distribution Energy Resources Policy
BCREA Cooperative Cogeneration Rules
Minnesota Interconnection Technical Requirements
Interconnection Process - Process Overview
Interconnection Process - Simplified Process 
 Interconnection Process - Fast Track Process

Application Forms:
BCREA Simplified Interconnection Application (up to 20 kW)
Interconnection Application (over 20 kW)

BCREA Storage Application
Certificate of Completion