Conservation Tips

Conservation Tips

Brown County aims to provide the best possible electric service to all within our service area at the lowest price consistent with the highest standard of customer service. At the same time we promote the wise and beneficial use of electricity, appliances and equipment in the home, farm or business.

We want to be your electric service provider and we hope this information is helpful.

How to estimate energy use and cost

STEP 1 - Figure cost/kWh - Since the cost of electricity is determined by the number of kilowatt-hours (kWh) used during the billing cycle, the first step is to determine your average cost per kilowatt-hour.

Avg. kWh Cost = $ amount of electric bill
kWh used


STEP 2 - Figure Wattage - Since the wattage of an appliance (equipment) determines the electrical usage per hour, the second step is to determine the wattage.

The wattage of an appliance is found on the serial plate. But it is possible that the electrical requirements will be expressed in volts and amps, rather than watts. If so, multiply volts times amps to obtain wattage.

Example of serial plate



AMPS 12.1   VOLTS 120
HERTZ 60   WATTS 1450
FORM # 00000   MODEL # 0000
CODE 0   SERIAL # 0000000


STEP 3 - Figure Cost/Appliance - Use the formula shown in the following examples to estimate usage and cost.

EXAMPLE: A light uses 100 watts and is left on 15 hours. How many kWhs are used and what does it cost you?

kWh use = 100 watts x 15 hrs. = 1.5 kWh
1,000 watts


Your cost = 1.5 x $.095 = $.1425 or 14.25 cents.

STEP 4 - To find your daily cost of electricity, divide your bill by the number of days in the month.



    $90    = $3.00
30 days


TIP: You need fresh air inside the home!
The problem:

Typically, newer homes are extremely well constructed, which means they keep the elements out and moisture, odors and pollutants in! Unfortunately, the pollutants can lead to an unhealthy situation and the stale odor is annoying to say the least. The moisture can do serious damage to your home.

The solution:
Help protect your family’s health and make your home pleasant by adding a home ventilation system. These products also remove or reduce window condensation problems once and for all.

Most heat recovery air exchange products use a polypropylene cross flow heat recovery core to remove the stale air and exchange it with fresh incoming air.

Call your energy expert at your cooperative for more information.